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Visit China Everyday Without Leaving Home

Chinese ESL companies are looking to hire English teachers from the USA and Canada. They want to give the Chinese children the experience of working with native English speakers. These are work at home positions. The curriculum is provided, and lesson prep is easy. Hours are flexible. Teach while your children are still sleeping!


I suggest applying and interviewing for both companies. The interview processes are similar, and one company may offer a higher starting salary than the other.


Largest and Most Well Known

VIPKID is linking the world through education by providing an international learning experience that allows you to teach Chinese children from the comfort of your own home. Our mission is to inspire and empower every child for the future. In order to do this, we have embarked on a better way to teach foreign languages. We encourage curiosity, critical thinking and creativity from our teachers and students. Through our online platform, we provide 1-on-1 full immersion language and content classes based on the US Common Core State Standards.

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  • A bachelor's degree in any subject

  • High-Speed Internet 

  • Headphones and a Webcam

  • Experience working with children

  • An interest in other cultures

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