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My favorite props and teaching supplies! I demonstrate many of these in my workshops and Youtube videos. Click on the pictures for more details or to purchase.

I use this chalkboard contact paper to cover a metal cookie sheet. It gets rid of the glare, and the tray still stays magnetic. It is easier than spray paint, and you can write on it with chalk or chalk markers.

I use these every day, I love them! They are the perfect prop. There are 20 total, they are magnetic and wipe off.

I bought this laminator 3 years ago, and it is still going strong. I highly recommend it!

My ears are super sensitive. This is the most comfortable headset that I have tried that is also wireless. 

I live on these products when I have to teach while I am sick! Click on the pictures for more details or to purchase.

Raw and organic honey has natural healing enzymes. I use this in my green tea, and also in my elderberry syrup. Amazon is the cheapest place to get this!

I often make Elderberry syrup, and I love this package because it also contains ginger and cinnamon to help boost the immune system. You will want to add 1 cup of raw, organic honey to this. The ginger makes it a bit spicy, so make sure to add enough honey. 

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